POLITY Quiz for SSC CPO & SSC CGL 2016

1.By which Constitutional Amendment  Act  was  Article  19 amended to impose restrictions on the freedom of expression ?
(A)16th Constitutional Amend-ment Act 1963
(B)19th Constitutional Amend-ment Act 1966
(C)15th Constitutional Amend-ment Act 1963
(D)14th Constitutional Amend-ment Act 1962

2.The Constitution deals with the citizenship from Article 5 to 11 under—
(A)Part III        
(B)Part II
(C)Part IV       
(D)Part V
Ans. (B) 

3.Who was the chairman of Special Committee to Examine the Draft Constitution of India ?
(A)Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
(B)Sir Alladi Krisnaswamy Iyer
(C)Sardar Patel
(D)Jawahar Lal Nehru
Ans- B

4.The final session of the Consti-tuent  Assembly  of  India  was held on—
(A)January 20, 1950
(B)January 25, 1950
(C)January 24, 1950
(D)January 15, 1950
Ans- C

5.The ideal of justice as enshrined in the preamble to the Constitution of India has been taken from—
(A)Irish Constitution
(B)Russian Constitution
(C)Japanese Constitution
(D)Canadian Constitution

6.In which of the following cases did Supreme Court of India hold that Preamble is a part of the Constitution ?
(A)Kesavananda Bharati Case (1973)
(B)Berubar Union Case (1960)
(C) Both of the above
(D) None of the above
Ans. (A) 

7. Parliament enjoys the exclusive right to legislate on the subjects contained in— 
(A) The Union List 
(B) The Concurrent List 
(C) The State List 
(D) Both (A) and (B) 
Answer: (A) The Union List

8. Which one of the following was described by Dr. Ambedkar as the ‘Heart and Soul’ of the Constitution? 
(A) Right to equality 
(B) Right against exploitation 
(C) Right to constitutional remedies 
(D) Right to freedom of religion 
Answer: (C) Right to constitutional remedies
9. Which writ is issued by a High Court or the Supreme Court to compel an authority to perform a function that it was not performing ? 
(A) Writ of Certiorari 
(B) Writ of Habeas Corpus 
(C) Writ of Mandamus 
(D) Writ of Quo Warranto 

Answer: (C) Writ of Mandamus

10. Which schedule of the Constitution deals with the disqualification of elected members on the ground of defection ? 
(A) 8th 
(B) 9th 
(C) 10th 
(D) 11th 
Answer: (C) 10th


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