Polity Quiz for SSC CPO & SSC CGL 2016

1.The minimum/maximum strength of Legislative Assembly of state is: 
(a) 50/450 
(b) 70/500 
(c) 60/500 
(d) None of these  
Ans. (c)

2.The members of the Legislative Assembly are: 

(a) elected by the local self-governing bodies 
(b) directly elected by the people 
(c) nominated by the Governor 
(d) None of the above 
Ans. (b)

3.In the states with bi-cameral legislature the upper house is known as: 
(a) Vidhan Parishad
(b) Vidhan Sabha
(c) Council of States 
(d) Council of Representatives 
Ans. (a)
4.The recommendation for the creation or abolition of the upper house of a State Legislature can be made by the 
(a) Governor 
(b) State Legislative Assembly 
(c) Chief Minister 
(d) Parliament 
Ans. (b)
5.The Legislative Council is expected to have a strength equal to one-third of the membership of the Legislative Assembly. The minimum strength of the Council has to be: 
(a) 100 
(b) 30 
(c) 40 
(d) 50 
Ans. (c)
6.Which one of the following statements is correct? 
I.The Governor is the ex-officio Chairman of the Legislative Council. 
II.The Speaker of Legislative Assembly also acts as the Chairman of the Legislative Council. 
III.The Council elects its own Chairman from amongst its members. 
(a) I 
(b) II
(c) III 
(d) None 
Ans. (c)
7.Money Bills in a State can be moved 
(a) in the State Legislature 
(b) only in the Legislative Assembly 
(c) by the Chief Minister and his colleagues 
(d) by the Governor of the State concerned 
Ans. (b)
8.How many States Legislative are bicameral ? 
(a) Four 
(b) Six 
(c) Five 
(d) Seven
Ans. (d)
9.The Legislative Council 
(a) has a term of six years 
(b) has a term of five years 
(c) as a permanent House 
(d) has a term of two years 
Ans- (c)
10.The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly can be removed from office before his normal term by: 
(a) the Chief Minister 
(b) the Government 
(c) the Legislative Assembly by passing a resolution by majority of its total membership 
(d) none of the above
Ans. (c)


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