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History MORNING Quiz for SSC CGL 2016

History MORNING Quiz for SSC CGL 2016_40.1

1. Which, among the following, is NOT a work of Rabindra Nath Tagore?
(a) Chitra
(b) Kapal Kundala
(c) The Court Dancer
(d) Chitrangada
Ans. (b)

2. Who from the following leaders was NOT assassinated?
(a) Mahatma Gandhi
(b) Liaqat Ali Khan
(c) Muhammad Ali Jinnah
(d) Lord Mountbatten
Ans (c)

3. Match the following:
List-I          List-II
A. Lord Clive         1. Subsidiary Alliance
B. Lord Wellesley 2. Indian Universities Act
C. Lord Dalhousie 3. Doctrine of Lapse
D. Lord Curzon 4. Dual Government in Bengal
Codes: A B C D
(a) 2 3 4 1
(b) 4 1 3 2
(c) 4 3 2 1
(d) 1 4 2 3
Ans (b)

4. The immortal national song Bande Mataram has been written by—
(a) Rabindranath Tagore
(b) Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyaya
(c) Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya
(d) Surendranath Bandopadhyaya
Ans (c)

5. Who amongst the following made it possible for the Indians to enter the Indian Civil Services (ICS) through an open competitive examination?
(a) William Bentick
(b) Dalhousie
(c) Mayo
(d) Ripon
Ans (b)

6. High courts were established in Calcutta, Bombay and Madras in—
(a) 1935
(b) 1919
(c) 1892
(d) 1865
Ans (d)

7.When did the British make English the medium of instruction (education) in India?
(a) 1813
(b) 1833
(c) 1835
(d) 1844
Ans (c)

8.Which one among the following is regarded as the Magna Carta of Indian Education?
(a) Wood’s Despatch
(b) Hunter Commission
(c) Sadler Commission
(d) Wardha Scheme
Ans (a)

9. Give the correct Chronological order of the following events:
1. Formation of Muslim League
2. Formation of All India Untouchability League
3. Formation of All India Trade union Congress
4. Formation of Indian National Congress
(a) 2 – 4 – 1 – 3
(b) 3 – 4 – 1 – 2
(c) 4 – 3 – 1 – 2
(d) 4 – 1 – 3 – 2
Ans (d)

10.Who is known as ‘Nightingle of India’?
(a) Vijaya Laxmi Pandit
(b) Lata Mangeshkar
(c) Sarojini Naidu
(d) Noor Jahan
Ans (c)

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