POLITY Quiz for SSC CPO & SSC CGL 2016

1.The members of Legislative Council are
(a) directly elected by the people
(b) chiefly nominated
(c) elected by local bodies, graduates, teachers, Legislative Assembly etc.
(d) elected by the Legislative Assembly
Ans. (c)

2.The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly can be removed from office before his normal term by: 
(a) the Chief Minister
(b) the Government
(c) the Legislative Assembly by passing a resolution by majority of its total membership
(d) none of the above
Ans. (c)

3.The One-third  of the membership of a Legislative Council
(a) changes every year
(b) changes every sixty year
(c) does not change for five years
(d) changes after two years
Ans. (d)

4.The Legislative Council can delay the enactment of a Bill passed by the Legislative Assembly for a maximum period of :
(a) one month
(b) four months
(c) six months
(d) three months
Ans. (b)

5.Which of the following matters can never be discussed in a State Legislature?
I.The autonomy of States
II.The conduct of any High Court Judge
III.The conduct of the Governor
(a) I
(b) II
(c) III
(d) II and III
Ans. (b )

6.The Preamble enshrines the ideals of ‘liberty, equality and fraternity’ – ideals inspired by the 
(a) Russian Revolution
(b) Irish Revolution
(c) French Revolution
(d) Us Constitution
Ans. (c)

7.The Union of India consists of :
(i) States
(ii) Union Territories
(iii) Acquired Territories
Codes :
(a) i
(b) ii
(c) i and ii
(d) i, ii and iii
Ans. (d)

8.Which of the following statements is/are correct?
(i) The territory of the units of the Indian federation may be altered by Parliament by a simple majority.
(ii) The consent of a State Legislature is necessary before Parliament redistributes its territory.
(iii) The President’s recommendation is necessary for introducing in Parliament a Bill on redistributing territory of any State
(iv) The President must receive the State’s opinion before recommending a Bill on altering the name of the State.
Codes :
(a) i only
(b) i and ii
(c) i, iii and iv
(d) i and iii
Ans. (d)

9.Which of the following does not give correctly the name of the original State out of whose territory the new state was created?
(a) Andhra Pradesh from the State of Madras
(b) Arunachal Pradesh from Assam
(c) Meghalaya from Bihar
(d) Goa from Maharashtra
Ans. (c)

10.Which of the following was ceded by the French to India?
(a) Dadra & Nagar Haveli
(b) Daman & Diu
(c) Karaikal and Mahe
(d) None of the above
Ans. (c)


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