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Geography Quiz for SSC CGL 2016

Geography Quiz for SSC CGL 2016_40.1
1.Moraines are formed in—
(a) Glacial regions
(b) Monsoon region
(c) River deltas
(d) Arid regions

2.A rock made up of cemented sand grains is?

3. Magma that cools slowly beneath the earth’s surface produces
(A) ore minerals. 
(B)intrusive igneous rocks. 
(C)fine-grained metamorphic rocks. 
(D)extrusive igneous rocks. 

4.Igneous rocks are classified by?
(A)grain size and color. 
(B)density and texture. 
(C)mineral composition and texture. 
(D)mineral composition and hardness. 

5.Sedimentary rocks are classified by
(A)sediment size or chemical composition. 
(B)mineral composition and color. 
(C)sediment size and hardness. 
(D)sediment size alone. 

6.An igneous rock that formed by rapid cooling will probably have crystals that are?
(D)mixed large and small sizes. 

7.In what type of rock would you most likely find fossils?
A) granite 
(B) obsidian 
(C) shale 
(D) marble 

8.The elements that occur most frequently in the earth’s crust are?
(A) carbon and oxygen. 
(B) hydrogen and oxygen. 
(C) magnesium and iron. 
(D) silicon and oxygen. 

9.A fine-grained igneous rock made of mostly orthoclase feldspar, quartz crystals, and a few ferromagnesian crystals is probably?
(A) rhyolite. 
(B) granite. 
(C) gabbro. 
(D) basalt. 

10. What process in the rock cycle are you performing if you pack a snowball so tightly it becomes an iceball?
(A) weathering, sedimentation 
(B) melting 
(C) deformation, recrystallization 
(D) none of the above.