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13 Reasons Why You Should Prepare For The Govt. Exams

Due to the lockdown and the Coronavirus, the economy of our country has been hampered brutally. The direct impact of this slowing economy has been on the private sector with firms looking for some reduction in manpower which has led to an increase in the unemployment rate in the country. According to many financial experts, the unemployment rate is expected to increase in the coming times as the economy of the country is expected to grow at a very slow rate. To avoid all this and get a secure job, many students start preparing for competitive government job examinations like SSC and banking. Here are 13 reasons why you should prepare for the govt. exams.

1. Stability

In the private sector companies can go out of business due to competition or some other reasons, but the government sector will never go out of business. Govt. agencies or offices can close or morph into new forms, but the govt job employee will always be employed. Employees will always be needed to complete the tasks only the government does, and additional employees will always be needed to support them.

2. Benefits & Perks

For government jobs, many benefits such as retirement benefits, and funds exist moreover benefits such as housing, loans, childcare etc. are available. Although some big private sector companies and MNCs do offer similar benefits, most of them don’t offer.

3. Pay Structure

There is a big myth that people think private job  offers more money than govt, however it is not true. After the introduction of the 7th pay commission, the pay, which a government employee gets, is at par with the corporate sector.

4. Working Hours

In government sector jobs, there are standard working hours. Whereas in private-sector, sometimes an individual has to do overtime that too sometimes without any benefits as well. If a situation demands a government employee to do overtime, then he/she is entitled to attractive overtime benefits.

5. Promotion/Increment

An important factor, that any job aspirant would take into account is the promotional benefits. In government jobs, promotion based on the service period that means the longer you work, and higher are the promotional opportunities. This can be called as advantage as well as disadvantage as someone who works hard may not be able to grow faster than their counterparts.

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6. Work Pressure

The majority of the government sector jobs are not as stressful when compared to the jobs in the private sector. If the workload in government jobs is high they would have more than enough time frame to complete it in the best manner possible unlike that of private-sector jobs.

7. Holidays

There are more Government holidays in Government jobs compared to private sector. In addition, govt. job employees also have a 5 day work in majority of the sectors. They also get a certain amount of paid holidays per year. The government sector definitely has the upper hand when it comes to leaves and holidays due to a huge flexibility difference.

8. Health Care Benefits

In today’s world and lifestyle taking good care of health is very important. These days health care facilities have become so expensive that it is getting out of reach. Even people from the upper-middle class is finding it difficult to afford health care for their families. If you work in a government job then the government will bear all the medical expenses, not just for the employee but also for the entire family.

9. Respectable Job

If you are a government employee then you will get respect from a subset of government employees and people because of your position and power. In the private sector, you may go to a certain level of rank or position and earn prestige and reputation.

10. Allowances

The government sector takes care of all the extra expenses. Govt job employee gets the dearness allowance (DA) and Travelling Allowance (TA) to cover all the extra expenditure. Moreover, you can travel anywhere in the country with concession. Private sector jobs don’t provide all these perks. That’s why people aspire for government jobs.

11.Housing Facility

In a time when paying for a mortgage is out of reach for many people. Prices are so high that even renting a house is getting out of hand. If you work in a government job then you do not have to worry about mortgage or rent. In a government job you will be provided with housing facility.

12. Additional Benefits for Women

In a move to encourage and provide equal opportunities to women, govt provides some specific benefits to women, apart from common benefits that are provided to all employees whether male or female. Few of them have been listed below:

  • They get 180 days Maternity leave up to two children
  • Women get benefits of 730 days child care leave up to two children
  • Rs.1000/- /Month of special allowance are provided to women with disability for child care for two years up to two children.
  • Rs.12000/- tuition fee allowance up to 12th class for up to two children per child in a year.

13. Maintain Work-Life balance

The point that these govt jobs provide the employees with a completely stressfree atmosphere and enough time to spend with the family helps the employees to maintain a peaceful work-life balance.

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