Time Speed and Distance | Quant Questions for SSC CGL Exam 2017

Dear Students, SSC has released the notification for CGL 2017. This time again the competition is going to be very stiff. Questions from Quant are asked in Tier-1 and Tier-II as well. Hence, you need to focus on this subject more. The only trick to master Quant is "practice'. So, Practice daily. We are providing topic-wise quant quizzes, solve, learn, succeed

Q1. Two persons, Ram and Mohan, start from the same end A of a linear track AB and keep running to and fro for infinite time. The ratio of the speed of Ram and Mohan is 3 : 2. If AB = 100 m, which point is their point of 4th meeting from point A?
(a) 80m
(b) 60m
(c) 20m
(d) 40m
Q2. In a 100 m race, Tom runs at a speed of 1.66 m/s. If Tom gives a start of 4 m to Jerry and still beats him by 12 s, what is the speed of Jerry?
(a) 1.33m/s
(b) 2m/s
(c) 1m/s
(d) 1.66m/s

Q3. A person can row a distance of one km upstream in ten minutes and downstream in four minutes. What is the speed of the person?
(a) 4 km/h
(b) 9 km/h
(c) 5.6 km/h
(d) 10.5 km/hr

Q4. Anil calculated that it will take 40 minutes to cover a distance of 60 km by his car. How long will it take to cover the same distance if the speed of his car is reduced by 30 km/h (approximate)?
(a) 36 minutes
(b) 55 minutes
(c) 48 minutes
(d) 60 minutes

Q6. Two trains are running on a parallel line in the same direction at a speed of 50 km/h and 30 km/h respectively. Given that the faster train crosses a man in the slower train in 18 s, what is the length of the faster train?
(a) 170 m
(b) 100 m
(c) 98 m
(d) 85 m

Q7. Shilu can go 30 km upstream and 44 km downstream in 10 h. Also, she can go 40 km upstream and 55 km downstream in 13 h. What is her speed in still water?
(a) 6 km/h
(b) 12 km/h
(c) 8 km/h
(d) 16 km/h

Q8. Preeti and Uma stay next to each other and study in the same school. Preeti and Uma start walking towards their school at the speed of 2 km/h and 3 km/h respectively. The faster of the two reaches the school first, turns around and starts walking back. If Preeti and Uma meet 200 m away from the home, what is the distance between their residences and the school?
(a) 260 m
(b) 240 m
(c) 200 m
(d) 250 m

Q9. Vinod and Kaurvaki start travelling in the same direction at 8 km/h and 13 km/h respectively. After 4 hours, Vinod doubled his speed and Kaurvaki reduced his speed by 1 km/h and reached the destination together. How long did the entire journey last?
(a) 3 h
(b) 6 h
(c) 9 h
(d) 12 h

Q10. Two trains have respective lengths as 230 m and 190 m. They cross each other completely in 42 s, if they are travelling in the opposite direction and in 84 s, if they are travelling in the same direction. Find the ratio of the speed of the two trains.
(a) 3 : 1
(b) 4 : 1
(c) 3 : 2
(d) None of these

Q11. Alok walks to a viewpoint and returns to the starting point by his car and thus takes a total time of 6 hours 45 minutes. He would have gained 2 hours by driving both ways. How long would it have taken for him to walk both ways?
(a) 8 h 45 min
(b) 7 h 45 min
(c) 8 h 30 min
(d) 6 h 45 min

Q12. A motor car does a journey in 17.5 hours, covering the first half at 30 km/h and the second half at 40 km/h. Find the distance of the journey.
(a) 684 km
(b) 600 km
(c) 120 km
(d) 540 km

Q13. Manish travels a certain distance by car at the rate of 12 km/h and walks back at the rate of 3 km/h. The whole journey took 5 hours. What is the distance he covered on the car?
(a) 12 km
(b) 30 km
(c) 15 km
(d) 6 km

Q14. Two cars started simultaneously towards each other from town A and B, that are 480 km apart. It took the first car travelling from A to B 8 hours to cover the distance and the second car travelling from B to A 12 hours. Determine at what distance from A the two cars meet.
(a) 288 km
(b) 200 km
(c) 300 km
(d) 196 km

Q15. A and B travel the same distance at the rate of 8 kilometre and 10 kilometre an hour respectively. If A takes 30 minutes longer than B, the distance travelled by B is?
(a) 6 km
(b) 10 km
(c) 16 km
(d) 20 km


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