English Quiz: MISC. for SSC CHSL EXAM 2016

Directions (1-10): Each of the following questions has a group of words or a phrase followed by four choices. Choose the word which appropriately sums up the meaning of the given phrase.

Q1. One who walks in sleep
(a) nocturnal
(b) somnambulist
(c) oculist
(d) arsonist 

Q2. A string of beads used in counting prayers
(a) rosary
(b) pearls
(c) chain
(d) raucous

Q3. A stage or platform for public speaking
(a) pedestal
(b) altar
(c) rostrum
(d) pulpit

Q4. A cowardly and unfaithful person
(a) miscreant
(b) mendicant
(c) pervert
(d) recreant

Q5. A fixed plan of food, sleep, etc. in order to improve one’s heath
(a) regimen
(b) alidade
(c) resolution
(d) encompassment

Q6. An introduction that comes before something we say/write
(a) prologue
(b) prediction
(c) review
(d) premonition

Q7. A steep or almost upright side of a high rock, mountain or cliff
(a) nadir
(b) zenith
(c) precipice
(d) abyss

Q8. Characteristic of children or young people
(a) leonine
(b) juvenile
(c) puerile
(d) experienced

Q9. Causing damage to both parties involved
(a) mutual
(b) internecine
(c) interdict
(d) interstitial
Q10. A large and impressive building
(a) mansion
(b) colossal
(c) citadel
(d) edifice

Directions (11-15): Each question has a word followed by four choices. From among the choices, identify the word which is opposite in meaning (antonym) to the main word and mark its number as your answer.

(a) devious
(b) immaculate
(c) didactic
(d) celestial

(a) lengthen
(b) split
(c) digress
(d) enervate

(a) berserk
(b) imperious
(c) snappish
(d) amiable

(a) perfect
(b) chaste
(c) ignominious
(d) dubious

(a) invoke
(b) contradict
(c) defend
(d) pacify