Environmental Quiz For SSC And Railway Exams

1. The greatest danger facing most endangered species is...
a) Hunting
b) Habitat loss
c) Disease
d) Capture for the pet trade

2. Which of the following is not listed as an endangered species under the U.S. Endangered Species Act?
a) Cheetah
b) Bald eagle
c) Blue whale
d) Hawaiian monk seal

3. The Bronx Zoo once had a picture frame covered by cloth. It was labelled 'The most dangerous species in the world'. If you removed the cover, you saw...
a) A great white shark
b) A mirror
c) A virus
d) A mountain lion

4. Which of the following substances is not biodegradable?
a) Paper
b) Food refuse
c) Styrofoam
d) Sawdust

5. What environmental problem is the result of chemical reactions in the atmosphere that involve sulphur?
a) Deforestation
b) Acid rain
c) Holes in the ozone layer
d) Smog

6. What chemicals have been banned in most of the world because of their role in destroying the ozone layer?
a) DDT
b) Metal oxides
c) Peroxides
d) Chlorofluorocarbons

7. Who wrote 'Silent Spring', the first book documenting many of the problems caused by pesticides?
a) Aldo Leopold
b) Henry David Thoreau
c) Rachel Carson
d) Jaques Cousteau

8. Which of the following is not a renewable resource?
a) Timber
b) Wild mushrooms
c) Fish
d) Gold

9. Which of the following practices produces the most organic water pollution?
a) Intensive livestock farming
b) Paper mills
c) Recreational boating
d) Humans bathing in the water

10. 'Ecology' comes from two Greek words meaning...
a) Natural life
b) Study of the world
c) Study of the house
d) Nature study

Answer Key:
 1.  ANS B
2.  ANS B
3 . ANS A
4.  ANS C
5.  ANS B
6.  ANS D
7.  ANS C
8.  ANS D
9.  ANS A
10. ANS D