Gate Way To CGL Mains : Reasoning Quiz

Directions (1 to 10) : Select the correct alternative from the given conclusions.
1. Statements : 
All metals are gold
All gold are silver
(a) All silver are metals
(b) All gold are metals.
(c) Some metals are silver 
(d) Both A and B.

2. Statements :
Some number are fours
All four are sixes

Conclusion : 
(a) Some sixes are  numbers.
(b) All  numbers are sixes
(c) Some fours are sixes.
(d) Both A and C.

3. Statements :
All months are Septembers.
All months are Octobers.

Conclusion :
(a) Some Octobers are Septembers
(b) All Septembers are Octobers.
(c) All Octobers are months.
(d) All Septembers are months

4. Statements 
Some corns are chillies.
Some chillies are potatoes

Conclusion :
(a) Some corns are potatoes.
(b) All potatoes are corns.
(c) All chillies are corns.
(d) None of these

5. Statements :
Some pubs are cups
Some pubs are tips

Conclusion :
(a) Some cups are tips
(b) All tips are pubs
(c) Some tips are pubs.
(d) All the three

6. Statements :
Some crystals are diamonds.
All emeralds are crystals.

Conclusion :
(a) Some emeralds are diamonds.
(b) Some crystals are emeralds
(c) All diamonds are emeralds.
(d) None of these

7. Statements : 
Non place is peace
Some peaces are plates.

Conclusion :
(a) Some peaces are places.
(b) Some plates are places.
(c) All the places are plates 
(d) None of these.

8. Statements :
All players are cricketers
No umpire is a player.

Conclusion :
(a) Some cricketers are umpires.
(b) All umpires are crickets
(c) Both A and B
(d) None of these

9. Statements :
All rows are circles.
No circle is an ellipse.

Conclusions :
(a) Some circles are rows.
(b) No row is ellipse.
(c) Some ellipses are rows.
(d) Both A and B.

10. Statements :
All states are cities.
No state is a town.

(a) Some states are cities.
(b) Some cities are towns.
(c) Some towns are not cities.
(d) Both A and B.

Answers Key:

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